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About us


Our Philosophy

Mystique is an aura of mystery, an air of secrecy surrounding someone that makes the person desirable and intriguing to others. The allure of mystique in personality makes one unique and, we believe that every person is born to stand out.

Our brand MYSTIQUE is an ode to all the ancient royal beauty rituals that the gorgeous queens and the stunning kings of the past practiced to become bewitchingly beautiful. Mystique was born out of the desire to help people enhance their innate beauty and bridge the diversity gap by making products that nourish all skin tones and types. 

Our products are infused with royal beauty secrets and inspired by ancient skin care recipes.

Ayurveda states that if you could not eat it, it does not belong to the body and, even the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used edible cosmetics. Following the same tradition, we only use herbs and extracts from nature with necessary plant-based preservatives.

To incorporate nature in our beauty routines, we have derived products that deeply cleanse and heal the body and the spirit using aromatherapy. We have modernized the use of essential oils and milk through our products. The goal is to provide the luxury of luscious skincare and beauty products with the royal touch to our customers of every age group in the safe space of their own homes. MYSTIQUE is a pledge in the right direction to end the vicious cycle of industrial chemicals in body care products. We bring the magical relaxation of the spa to the home using ingredients that are abundant in nature through our handmade products. 


Our Story

Hailing from Coonor and dwelling amidst the forest cover of the blue mountain, It was evidently natural for Uma, our founder to be enthralled and captivated by the healing and cleaning power of natural herbs and spices. Some of the handcrafted anti-aging solutions, serums, exfoliants, masks, oils, etc. made from home-grown plants have stood the test of time. Introduced and inculcated by her youthful granny, the routine of egg-masking her hair, bean-masking her body and soaking in goat milk was magical and delightful. Her uncle was a descendant of the royal Zamindars and so had the opportunity to sneak peek into the Queen’s palace. She was always fascinated by the paintings in the Queen’s bath area that depicted her bath routine. They depicted a beauty regime that had milk baths (goat, cow or donkey) complemented by exotic salts and flower petals of Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile etc. Further, using other natural ingredients like Sandalwood Powder, Nagamortha and Vetiver infused with essential oils produced an aroma and therapeutic benefit.

Flaunting a toned, bright skin and thick, lustrous hair is undeniably the dream of every human on earth. Unfortunately, skincare has remained an expensive space loaded with toxins, synthetic actives, and chemicals. MYSTIQUE is her flagship initiative to share her joy of natural rejuvenation and therapy by making the royal bathing ritual and skincare routine accessible and affordable to everyone bound inside the comfort of home. MYSTIQUE Pearls has now furthered forward in its visionary zeal as it has grown to be a movement with elusive green customers who intend to become beautiful in and out.

Founder's Space


Uma, Founder & Director of Mystiquepearl is an entrepreneur who brings a unique blend of background as a Physiotherapist and Aromatherapist has always been passionate about creating handmade, natural ingredients based tip to toe products which is the inspiration behind the birth of our brand. Her Connect with earth philosophy was imprinted at a very young age while growing up in the Blue mountains amidst purest form of air, water and preservative free food.

During the summer holidays every year, while staying at her aunt’s village, Uma was introduced to the Royal bath Rituals for all kinds of skin types. The very experience of elders mixing freshly sourced herbs, hand pressed oils and other rare elements remained with her to this very day and motivated her to share the lost practice of ancient bathing with natural ingredients from the backyard through creation of Mystiquepearl. Here every product is a story in itself and consciously intends to make every customer feel what Uma felt while growing up – Self care with a touch of Royalty in nature’s arms.

Senthamarai Selvi

Senthamarai Selvi is Co-Founder and Director of Mystique who lives out in Qatar. She has completed her Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Masters in Engineering in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering from College of Engineering (Anna University) at Guindy, Chennai. She also serves as the Director of the upcoming Apple Valley Special School in Chennai and is a certified Yoga therapist.


Hair Care

Turn to Mystique hair care products that add nourishment to your hair day after day. From shampoo to serum and hair oil, we’ve got everything that you need to maintain it desirably

Face Care

The first step to your skincare regime is to wash and cleanse your face. At Mystique, we’ve curated skin-friendly products to perfect your wash–cleanse-scrub and mask routine.

Skin care

Nurture your skin with our natural skincare products specially handcrafted to suit all skin types. Safe and effective crafted for skin health, also made available for kids.

Lux and Therapeutic

Soak away stress and pamper yourself with a spa-like experience at home. Shop natural and organic Mystique bath salts for a relaxing and pampering bath experience.

Foot Care

Natural and effective foot smoothening remedy, prevents drying of the skin, and offers velvety smooth finish nourishing the feet.