Rewards : Upto 20% for Aloevera Gel & Under Eye Cream Gel

Rewards : Upto 20% for Aloevera Gel & Under Eye Cream Gel
Ten Hair Care tips from experts that will solve all your hair problems

Growing and flaunting thick, lustrous hair akin to what is displayed on TV advertisements is every little girl’s dream. Unfortunately, hair fall and hair breakage have become a common concern, more so, with the increasing usage of hair styling tools and accessories, contact with chlorinated water, and over-exposure to humidity and heat. Having poor, brittle hair is proven to impact one’s esteem and confidence directly.

A piece of good news is that hair loss is avoidable and hair breakage is reversible by knowing and following simple hair care tips and an easy hair care routine. Undertaking an expensive hair spa or keratin treatment may crop up to be an evident option to revitalize and restore your hair. But often, we are not educated about those simple, household knick-knacks like constantly applying Bhringraj oil or onion juice can reduce hair fall and rejuvenate your hair strands. Following a hair care routine with the best hair care products is highly essential. 

Here is a curation of 10 simple hair care tips to follow at home from experts that can help you maintain healthy hair and get rid of hair loss.

01. Oil your hair with essential oils

Oil massage may be a simple, age-old, grandma-approved hair care tip, but frequently nourishing your hair with a natural hair oil can do miracles. Use virgin coconut oil, almond oil, or castor oil regularly. These essential oils are rich in antioxidants, proteins, and Vitamin E, and so are the best kind of hair care products. They help retain the moisture that in turn prevents hair loss and damage. Experts also recommend using Bhirangraj oil as it stimulates hair follicles, promotes hair restoration, and accelerates hair growth. Take two to three spoons of the oil of your choice and gently massage in circular motions into the scalp. Leave it for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then rinse off with a sulfate-less shampoo. You can try cocoa butter shampoo bar and Bhringraj hair oil from MYSTIQUE pearls. Our Bhringraj oil is made from Coconut oil, Almond oil, amla, aloe vera, hibiscus, Brahmi, Bhirangraj, and 25 plus herbs. Post-washing, you could try MYSTIQUE Pearl’s flagship hair care product, Liquid Gold hair Serum, which is a blend of aromatherapy essential oils that best nurtures and nourishes your hair.

02. Mask your hair with Egg

Eggs are rich in Vitamin B and hence can promote the overall well-being of hair. Massaging and masking the hair with the yolk and white portion of the eggs can offer multiple benefits, and this should be an essential part of your hair care routine. Applying the yolk part to the wet hair moisturizes the dry hair as well as delays hair greying and is a well-known hair care tip. The white portion is rich in nutrients and hence promotes hair growth. Try massaging the scalp and hair with the yolk directly. You can alternatively mix egg with honey or olive oil. Leave the egg mask for 15-30 minutes post which you should wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and a good conditioner. MYSTIQUE Silk’s Protein Sulfate-free shampoo can enrich the benefits of egg masks. You can also try the hair smoothening conditioner from MYSTIQUE pearls, the best hair care product maker in India. The cocoa butter shampoo bar is mild and made from natural ingredients including Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Brahmi, Rosemary, etc.

03. Apply onion juice to accelerate hair regrowth
Fresh red onion over white background

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of onion help reduce scalp infections. Using onions as part of your hair care routine offers ample benefits. Onions are rich in antioxidants and they reduce free radicals to shield your body from the aging effects that the free radicals produce. Collagen strengthens the scalp and hair roots. Onion juice is rich in sulfur and accelerates collagen production which stimulates hair re-growth. Peel about 2-4 onions and then chop them. Put them into a blender to make onion paste Alternatively you can use a juicer to extract the onion juice. Apply them directly to the scalp and roots. If you do not like the odor, you can choose to add a few drops of any of the essential oils – bhringaraj oil or rosemary oil that are rich in fragrance.

04. Condition your hair after every wash

Apart from the evidently known smoothening property of hair conditioners, they protect your hair and reduce hair loss. Conditioners smoothen the cuticle and so conditioning your hair after every wash produces silky, smooth hair. Conditioning your hair after every wash is a must-follow hair care routine. Using styling tools after conditioning reduces hair damage. You can choose to try the hair conditioner from MYSTIQUE pearls as it is proven to soften keratin and is the best hair care product for producing glossy hair. It helps you detangle the hair without damaging the cuticle, and can retain moisture for long to reduce hair loss.

05. Do not shower daily

Shampooing and washing your hair should be a part of your hair care routine as it could remove dirt from your hair and increase the cleanliness of your head. But doing so daily also washes away sebum, which impacts your hair texture. Too much sebum makes your hair look greasy and too little of it will make your hair look dry. Thus, it’s important to maintain the right amount of sebum. The optimal method and an essential home care tip that you should know is to wash your hair every other day with a natural, mild shampoo. We recommend you to try the cocoa butter shampoo from MYSTIQUE pearls that are natural and made with home-grown products.

06. Avoid showering in hot water

Showering and shampooing with hot water damages the hair dry, porous, and brittle. Using water at high temperatures would remove moisture and oil from the scalp and roots. This weakens the roots increasing the hair fall. The dry scalp also aggravates the formation of dandruff. Using lukewarm water for clean, healthy hair is an important hair care tip that many of us tend to ignore and are not aware of. Make sure that you let your hair loose when you go to sleep. Do not use a tight hairband as it may increase hair fall due to high friction.

07. Nutritious intake and dietary supplements

The best hair care tip and the easiest way to reduce hair loss is to consume more fruits, vegetables, and nutritious food. Like every other organ of the body, hair derives its strength from within. The kind of food that you eat decides the growth and appearance of your hair. Planning your diet such that it is rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals like zinc, iron, etc is a very important aspect when you are working out a hair care routine.

08. Hydrate your hair frequently with Amala mix

Gooseberry or Amala is very rich in vitamin C and so is found in almost all hair care products. It promotes hair re-growth and so increases hair density and volume. It also has a high moisture content. This can hydrate your hair roots and so reduce hair damage. Gooseberry helps you maintain the hair color as it acts as an antioxidant to avoid premature greying. You can mix either amala juice or powder with lemon and then apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo. Using Amala mix can supplement your hair care products and enhance the effectiveness of your hair care routine. Alternatively, you shall choose to try MYSTIQUE Hair Serum Shine & Glow, which is a blend of essential oils, amala, Vitamin- E, etc. to avail of thick, silky hair.  

09. Increase your physical activity

Physical activities and right exercises increase blood circulation in your body. This not only brightens your skin but also strengthens your hair roots. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sleep routine is one of the not-so-often-stated hair care tips. Stress can increase your hair loss. So pampering yourself with a gentle scalp massage once in a while should be part of your hair care routine. This could also relieve you of stress and ensure healthy hair. 

10. Use Aloe vera to load and lock the moisture content

Aloe vera is a vital hair care product as it has enzymes that can harbor moisture content in hair.  It increases the smoothness of your hair and also removes the dead cells from your scalp. You should peel the leaf to extract the gel and apply it to your scalp. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Pure Aloe vera gel from MYSTIQUE Pearl is tried, tested, and testified by several users for its potential to seal moisture in the skin and hair scalp.

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