Rewards : Upto 20% for Aloevera Gel & Under Eye Cream Gel

Rewards : Upto 20% for Aloevera Gel & Under Eye Cream Gel

MYSTIQUEPEARL was born out of lifelong passions for self-care through ancient Indian Rituals, Wellness coming together for Founder Uma, a serial wellness entrepreneur, who laid a strong foundation for us. As a teenager, she became intensely interested in natural beauty, when she witnessed her grandmother preparing and following the traditional practices of beauty and wellness through handmade ingredients passed on by generations from her Village.

 We offer what your skin deserves from nature.

Uma’s goal was to create luxurious organic formulations that performed better than conventional beauty products. Although skin can absorb what is placed on it, there were very few healthy personal care products that worked for every skin type. Being a Certified Organic Formulator, she was able to fulfill the passion for modern living.

We use ingredients like milk, fruit pulp, Vetiver, Santhanam, herbs, extracts etc.… and essential oils.

“Nature to Nurture”

Mystiquepearl is more obsessed with the idea that everyone deserves a good skin. We at Mystiquepearl with its clinically validated formulas and organic ingredients feeds your skin with goodness. Mystiquepearl is the where nature meets the modern science.

Flaunting a toned, bright skin and thick, lustrous hair is undeniably the dream of every human on earth. Unfortunately, skincare has remained an expensive space loaded with toxins, synthetic actives, and chemicals. MYSTIQUE is her flagship initiative to share her joy of natural rejuvenation and therapy by making the royal bathing ritual and skincare routine accessible and affordable to everyone bound inside the comfort of home. MYSTIQUE PEARL has now furthered forward in its visionary zeal as it has grown to be a movement with elusive green customers who intend to become beautiful in and out.

So, let’s glow from tip to toe with our ancient Indian Rituals!

Traditional Recipes, Natural ingredients, High performance Flawless skin care. Our skincare collections with Clinically Proven Results target with the correct pH, skin safe, meets the IS specification for skin care, and makeup with skincare benefits. These are all base values for our mission driven company.

Every Organic Drop Feeds Your Skin.

Skin care

Nurture your skin with our natural skincare products specially handcrafted to suit all skin types. Safe and effective crafted for skin health, also made available for kids.

Hair Care

Turn to Mystique hair care products that add nourishment to your hair day after day. From shampoo to serum and hair oil, we’ve got everything that you need to maintain it

Facial Care

The first step to your skincare regime is to wash and cleanse your face. At Mystique, we’ve curated skin-friendly products to perfect your wash–cleanse-scrub .

Lux and Therapeutic

Soak away stress and pamper yourself with a spa-like experience at home. Shop natural and organic Mystique bath salts for a relaxing and pampering bath experience.

Foot Care

Natural and effective foot smoothening remedy, prevents drying of the skin, and offers velvety smooth finish nourishing the feet.

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